About Me and FAQs

Hello, I’m Gemma.
I am a cartoonist, writer, illustrator and all-round small person.

I’m the author of – among others – “A Cat’s Life” (Te Neues, 2012),  “A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette” (Dog N Bone, 2013) and “It’s a Punderful Life” (Dog N Bone, 2014). You can find out more about my books and comics here.

I publish my thrice-weekly “Four Eyes” cartoon at GoComics.com.
I also draw a monthly Skycats cartoon for the Emirates Airlines Open Skies magazine.

My illustration clients include Hallmark, The New York Times, Oxford University Press, Knock Knock, Chronicle Books and The Observer.

My wonderful Illustration agents are  Anna Goodson Management.

What other people are saying about my work …
“wtf. worst cartoons ever!” – Luc Walker of Australia
“I don’t understand this new illustration trend that’s… just bad pen drawings … at least put effort into things not pen doodles” – Gabe, from Twitter (and also, Australia)
“… ugly, pig-faced drawings … ” – Angry Canadian lady
“How is this funny? Like at all?” – Mariah (location unknown, but I’m guessing probably Australia)

selected stockists (online)
buy olympia (usa)

monoblock (argentina)
soma (united kingdom)

See all stockists HERE

T-shirts are over at New Standard (USA)
“Pickle Parade” Greetings cards at HotchPotchClick here to view the range (PDF). (UK)
“Four Eyes” Greetings cards and homewares at Urban Graphic (UK)
Gifts, cards and homewares at Ohh Deer (UK)
and badges and magnets at Badge Bomb (USA)

exhibitions and events (upcoming)
For up-to-date details of upcoming events and appearances please see my blog.

Scout Books Art Show – Land Gallery, Portland OR (july 2013)
SPACE! The Gallery Show – Gallery 1988, Los Angeles CA (july 2013)
The Big Bang Theory / Warner Brothers Show – Comic Con San Diego CA (july 2013)
Cats & Cartoonists – Orbital Comics, London (july-aug 2013)
Pictoplasma Group Show – Cappellini, NY (february 2013)
PSSST. Group Show – Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, Germany (december 2012)
Ceci N’est Pas un Pug, Land Gallery, Portland OR (october-november 2012)
Gemma Correll at Ó Galleria Porto, Portugal (november 2012)
Pokémon Battle Royale Group Show, Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis MN (april 2012)
earthly delights Group Show, Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis MN (july 2012)
I Spy With My Little Eye – Pictoplasma, Kunstbox, Berlin (april 2012)
Soma @ Pick Me Up, London (march 2012)
gemma correll @ cream espai creatiu, Barcelona (jan-feb 2012)
hope is the thing with feathers, golden thread gallery, Belfast (dec 2011)
beyond the empty @ needles and pens, San Francisco (sep-nov 2011)
dead good, Leeds (oct 2011)
What If… art and found objects from another universe, Chicago (aug 2011)
solo show @ tatty devine, London (june 2011)
looking for trouble, Nottingham (june 2011)
the 100€ show @ Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam (May 2011)
girls who draw : magic :: Solihul (april, 2011)
The Unicorn :: Narwhal, Toronto (Dec 2010)
ADC Young Guns :: ADC gallery, New York (oct 2010)
the dino show :: double punch, San Francisco (oct 2010)
the monster show :: domy books, Austin TX (oct 2010)
turn up the colour :: analogue, Edinburgh (july-aug 2010)
girls who draw : misfits @ here and now :: Falmouth (july 2010)
ilustation / the mascot show :: duduá, Barcelona (june 2010)
Portland Prints :: 19Ten Gallery, Portland OR (march 2010)
Milk Gone Mad! Paper Toy show :: Beyoglu, Turkey (january 2010)
the €100 show @ Hotel de Vil, Stuttgart (november 2009)
small stuff 3 @ bear and bird gallery :: Launderhill FL (december 2009)
art trek :: antwerp, belgium (july – september 2009)
gemma correll solo show @ the soup gallery, truro (july 2009)
MailMeArt :: London (april 2009)
artypeeps @ the troupadour gallery, London (april 2009)
lazy oaf’s drawing club :: London (april 2009)

Written and Illustrated:
The Worrier’s Guide to Life :: (Andrews McMeel, 2015)
The Diary of Nibbles, Age 3 1/2 :: (Dog + Bone, 2014)
It’s A Punderful Life :: (Dog + Bone, 2014)
A Pug’s Guide to Dating :: (Dog + Bone, 2013)
A Dog’s Life :: (TeNeues, 2013)
A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette :: (Dog + Bone, 2013)
A Cat’s Life :: (TeNeues, 2012)
What I Wore Today :: (Octopus/Spruce, 2012)

How-To Draw:
Doodling for Dog People / Cat People / Foodies / Fashionistas (Walter Foster, 2015)

Children’s Books:
Pig and Pug (Lynne Berry – Simon & Schuster, 2015)
Being a Girl (Hayley Long – Hot Key Books, 2015)
The Trials of Ruby P. Baxter (Joanna Nadin – Oxford University Press, 2014)

Grown-Ups’ Books:
Oh, the Places You’ll Eff Up – A Parody for your Twenties (Ulysees Press, 2014)
Pinterest Perfect (Walter Foster, 2014)
Hello Kitty, Hello 40 : A 40th Anniversary Tribute (VIZ, 2014)
100 Reasons to Panic about Getting Married (Knock Knock, 2013)
100 Reason to Panic about Having a Baby (Knock Knock, 2013)
100 Reasons to Panic about Getting Old (Knock Knock, 2014)
100 Reasons to Panic about Being a Cat Lady (Knock Knock, 2014)
Catmas Carols :: (Chronicle books, 2013)
Hanukcats : and other Traditional Jewish Songs for Cats :: (Chronicle books, 2013)
everything is going to be OK :: (Chronicle books, 2012)
First World Problems :: (Weldon Owen, 2012)
AOI Images 36 :: (AOI, 2012)
little paper planes :: (Chronicle books, 2012)
Mameshiba : On the Loose! (VIZ, 2011)
Meet Mameshiba (VIZ, 2011)
i heart stationery :: (rotovision, 2011)
The Tote bag :: (laurence king, 2011)
Uppercase work/life :: (uppercase, 2011)
The Indie Rock Poster Book :: (chronicle 2010)
ADC Young Guns annual :: (ADC NY, 2010)
3×3 Awards annual :: (3×3, 2010)
VELO : the bike book :: (gestalten, 2010)
The bigger book of fashion illustration (2010)
art trek :: the book :: (2010)
the exciting world of pattern design :: (zeixs, 2010)
printpattern :: the book (laurence king/chronicle, 2010)
“this is a zine” :: (café royal, 2009)
global contexts of illustration :: (mark wigan, AVA, 2009)
INK this- tattoo art (mao mao publications, spain, 2009)
O2 magazine: Paradise (china, 2009)
INK international illustration exhibition catalogue (2009)
illustrated fonts (linksbooks, spain, 2009)
MAiLmeART (2008)
the secrets of digital illustration- (rotovision/zeegan, uk, 2007)

comics and zines
My New York (and San Francisco) Diary – (Standard Issue, 2014)
I Enjoy Being a Girl (self published, 2012)
Cats On Planes Volumes 1 & 2 (self published, 2012-2013)
The Little Book of Puns Volumes 1&2 (self published, 2012-2013)

Henries – Best Humorous Greeting Card Range for Four Eyes from Urban Graphic (2014)
Young Cartoonist of the Year (2012) Runner-Up
ADC Young Guns 8 (2010) Selected
3×3 Professional Show (2010) Selected

AOI Illustration awards – Judge (Self-Initiated category) (2014)

Where did you study?

I went to art school in Norwich (England) – I have a BA (hons) degree in Graphic Design specialising in Illustration.

Why do your illustrations look like a five year old drew them?
I hire a five year old to do all my work for me. I pay him in fudge. His name is Alan.

Are you available for an interview on my blog?

Maybe… e-mail me at gemmacorrell at gmail dot com

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your starsign?


What’s your favourite word?


What are your favourite Movies/Tv shows/ Books?

Movies – The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Dogtooth, La Vie en Rose, Wayne’s World, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, The Royal Tenenbaums, Anything by Michel Gondry or featuring Gael Garcia Bernal.
TV Shows – Project Runway, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Louis Theroux’s documentaries, anything involving models or Australian people. I don’t actually have a TV though.
Books – I’ll just tell you some authors that I like, or we’ll be here forever – Bill Bryson, Jeffrey Eugenides, Torey Hayden, Margaret Atwood. I like books, I do. I have a Goodreads page, here.

How do you scan your images / contrast them / clean them up?

I scan my images into photoshop and then use the “Levels” tool to adjust the black/white until I’m happy with the result. Same if the image is in colour, although that makes it a bit trickier to get the balance right. I just use the good ol’ fashioned eraser tool for any mistakes (although often, I’ll just leave the mistakes in the drawing)

Which pens do you use?

I use PITT artist pens, Uniball Eye and UniPin fineliners, as well and Kuretake ZIG Art & graphics Twin. For colouring, I use watercolour, ink, Kuretake brush markers and Kuretake Clean Colour brush pens. For murals, I like Posca paint pens, or Kuretake “Paintys”

Are you related/married to Damien Correll?

No. It is funny that we have the same surname though, as it is quite an unusual one…. but we live in different countries and have never actually met (yet).

Is being an illustrator a real job?

No, it’s a fake job. I actually run a very successful drug smuggling ring. I just pretend to draw things and distract people with my cute pug.

Who are your favourite artists?

Camilla Engman, Lab partners, Sandra Juto, Beatrice Alemagna, Elisabeth Dunker, Quentin Blake, Tom Gauld, Simone Lia, Sara Fanelli, Ray Fenwick, Aya Kakeda, Carson Ellis, Brian Rea, Oliver Jeffers, Mary Blair, David Hughes, Harriet Russell, Anouk Ricard, Lizzy Stewart, Mia Christopher, Julia Pott, Marc Johns, Anke Weckmann, Jen Collins, Maira Kalman, Liza Donnelly, Tuesday Bassen … the list goes on, but my fingers are tired.

where do babies come from?

You don’t want to know.