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If you’re like me, you’re planning a lot more indoor activities for the next months (though, to be fair, most of my activities are indoors). I love objects that are beautiful and also have a function (it’s the reason that I have such a huge collection of vintage decorative tins and boxes... they’re USEFUL, ok?!) so I loved the idea of making an illustrated puzzle. Also, puzzles are fun! I know a lot of people who have really gotten into puzzling (is that a word?) during the last few months.  

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be releasing my first puzzles with Badge Bomb this fall! Puzzles are a big step for us, so we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it.  

For my two puzzles, I took inspiration from recent button box designs that I worked on with Badge Bomb. I wanted to create art that was challenging to build as a puzzle (but not too much!) but also a piece of art that you could frame and hang on the wall.  

I designed the All Dogs are Good Dogs puzzles first, so of course I had to do a cat puzzle too, it’s only fair!

Badge Bomb is making four other puzzles, in addition to mine! I love all of the other illustrators that Badge Bomb works with: a small, curated selection of artists who create wonderful, thoughtful and original imagery that’s not just stock art or cynically trendy. Anthony and I had the pleasure of putting together this prototype puzzle by Kate Sutton with Mr. Pickles - we had a wonderful time and it was such a satisfying experience. 


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